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  • Steel Increase and Decrease Trand In China

    Channel steel in Tangshan increases 20-40 RMB; Shenda 12-20#: 4180 RMB; Shenheng 16 #:4200 RMB; Xinhang 8-18#: 4200 RMB; East 8-10#: 4200 RMB; 6.3#: 4260 RMB; Gongzitangcheng 12#:4240 RMB; 14-20#: 4220 RMB. Angle bar in Tangshan Longxiang increases 20-30 RMB; 3#: 4230 RMB; 4/5/6.3#: 4170 RMB; Wir...
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  • Latest price trend of the aluminum zinc plating steel sheet in Tianjin market

    Product name Specification (mm) Material Origin Price (yuan/metric ton) Increase / decrease Remark Aluminum zinc plating steel sheet 1.95*1100*C DX51D+AZ150 Pangang 1 - Lack Aluminum zinc plating steel sheet 1.45*1100*C DX51D+AZ150 Pangang 1 - Lack Aluminum zinc plating steel she...
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  • New Product Launch

    Tianjin Liwei Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. releases new products, that is aluminum sheet and color aluminum sheet recently. We have stable suppliers and guarantee the delivery time. We can supply the reasonable price and prime business and after-sale service. The range of the sheet thickness we can...
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